Editor in Chief

My name is Gelareh Mazarei and I am the chief editor for AskMedicalResearchers.com. I have a PhD in Medical Genetics from the University of British Columbia in the beautiful city of Vancouver in Canada. I conducted my PhD work in the laboratory of Dr. Blair R. Leavitt, where I did research on the brain disorder, Huntington’s disease (HD).

Currently, I work as an R & D (research and development) scientist for a biotechnology company called InSilixa, Inc located in Silicon Valley, California. At InSilixa, we are focusing on building a mobile device that has the capability to test patient’s DNA sequence on electronic chips! In the world of biotechnology, these are called the Molecular Diagnostic platforms. Such platforms can detect changes in patient’s DNA and use the information for efficient diagnosis of the disease and personalized drug prescription/treatments.


Throughout the years, I have spent a lot of hours in the laboratory designing studies, running experiments, and analyzing what the results of these experiments really mean. Things usually don’t work out smoothly, and we constantly have to do “troubleshooting”. Troubleshooting means looking for the sources of problem in a logical manner.

HiRes-puzzle-piecesI usually approach science problems as if I were to solve a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle! In different branches of medical research however, the time when all the pieces of puzzle come together is a celebratory time when scientists have conquered a disease. I believe that matching every two pieces of puzzle is valuable and gets us closer to finding therapies.

So much medical research is being conducted all the around a world which people may not be aware of. From my experience, what is happening behind the closed doors of medical research laboratories remains a big question mark in many people’s minds. Therefore, we have asked ourselves, why not try to explain what we do as medical researchers to everyone in a language that is non-scientific and simple! After all, people have the right to understand how medical research conducted in laboratories is helping humans with the development of therapies and curing diseases.

In Ask Medical Researchers.com, we strive to make you educated about medical research. We are not here to give medical advice but we leave it up to you to ask us questions about medical research; and remember there are no bad questions…

I hope you find this website useful, informative and worthy of spending some time on.

Gelareh Mazarei, PhD

Editor in Chief